Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hi ppl,

Just wanted to share my journey with you all.
A journey that brought into my routine and mundane life a new spirit,….a new fire.
A journey which has just started,….
A journey which needs to be nurtured only through joint efforts and honest concerns
A journey by the name of AID

AID is an attempt to help, a sincere effort to care, a stand to do what is right rather than doing what is profitable and easy .To me it was about making a difference which I didn’t know ‘how’ , but now I have a platform n know ‘how’ .

Let me start from the day Satabdi called me up .She told me about AID and a similar effort going on somewhere else .She wanted to start it right here and asked me , if I am with her .After I came to know about the magnitude of AID , I was sceptical and tried to discourage her and I was not sure if v can justify the cause that we were planning to take up .But she was determined all thru .She had a kindling zeal which was clearly giving me the message that we have to do something in this regard.
However my sister Juhi was very enthusiastic abt the issue,….n was raring to go for it. Satabdi n Juhi were in it and so did Rahul .I knew they were apt in their thinking, but doubted the possibility of success in this regard .I am already in a job which is demanding and so is Satabdi .I was thinking if I can give the devotion , it requires .

Its strange how we ppl tend to neglect what is true. Once I opened my eyes towards the deprived ones,….i could see them everywhere,……bus-stops, railway platforms,
Traffic signals, tea-stalls, roads.
Finally I decided that I cant ignore them any longer and took up AID.

That weekend Satabdi and I went to ‘PARIVAR’. This is an organization supporting a similar cause .Bas for me ,the journey started .Then we spoke to Mr Sujit Sinha of Swanirbhar and Mr Somnath a volunteer from AID Boston. Speaking to them helped us get the real picture of this alarming situation .They also helped us immensely in framing our ideas and guiding us .
Mr Somnath gave us an overview of the facts, details and hurdles that we would face on our journey .From then onwards there was no looking back. We started our weekly meetings, gathered a few volunteers, visited a few NGO’s .I tried talking to my friends and got a very good response .Bas we are growing everyday and more people are joinin the cause of AID .Now I am pretty sure that its more about kindling and carrying the flame rather than thinking about ‘how’ ,and ppl would join in to share it .

The real aim of AID is to create awareness. Awareness amongst the two sections of the society.

First among the priviledged one…….i.e us….what can we as educated, free-thing and capable youth of today do towards and for the society…..
for the unfortunate and ignored people, especially the children.

Secondly, among the deprived n broken part of the society,… to how can they make their lives better, how can they dare to fulfill their dreams,….
how can they grow,…improve, learn, earn, get respected…..

Such an awareness needs time, trust, faith, sincere attempts,…from both the sections,…..especially from us…..who fall in the former category.

I know that today time is running short, life is fast, we expect value for money in every investment we make,….but I think that the returns I got from AID is beyond all such financial and business-centric profits and calculations.

AID have provided me a way of life, in which I can return something to the society,
It has imparted unto me a responsibility to help, to care, to spread the light of awareness, to call for volunteers…

Yes, AID needs volunteers, sincere people who can give their support , zeal, spirit and time to AID.
We need the youth, their helping hands, sincere efforts and interest to help the downtrodden ones, the suppressed ones.

I have felt it in me,… can every one else.

We often say that we want a peaceful life.
We wish to be at a place where there is
no noise, no trouble, no hard-work

But this does not actually mean peace.
To be in the midst of all chaos of life,
And still be calm in your heart-
Is what “peace ” is.

AID has blessed me with that peace.

- Rahul.

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