Saturday, May 20, 2006

Here I am,This is ME with my Friday Blues

It was a Friday with all it’s conceivable beauty…very high temperature, even higher humidity.. Sujit suggested to Ramesh that such a Friday must not be wasted. They should utilize it accordingly to leverage AID’s efforts in Solid Waste Management and Alternative Energy Projects. Good Will prevailed. So Ramesh and Sujit headed towards WBREDA Solar/Alternative Energy Park to gather some ideas about how to proceed. But on reaching EBS Haldane Avenue, unfortunately they became enlightened of the fact that the Park remains closed only one day of the week. The day happened to be Friday. But none of the souls were discouraged.
The spirited duo were firm in there decision to capitalize on the time available. Hence they headed for the Famous Dhapa- Kolkata’s largest garbage dump (equally infamous for the pungent nausea it generates). The nausea didn’t qualify as a great deterrent for Sujit and Ramesh. Undaunted, they entered the Dhaapa. Their vehicle was a Cycle-Van, presumable used for ferrying garbage. Soon they reached a prohibited zone of the Dhaapa, where a public-private enterprise is supposed to have undertaken a futuristic solid waste management project, and also where unauthorized personnel (namely Sujit and Ramesh), were least expected. When they reached the office, they were greeted with all the official pleasantries. The immediate query of the concerned official was of course, how the duo managed to get an access to the facility. After getting the answer, the official affirmed earnestly, that without a valid authorization, no person can be given any information regarding the facility. He affirmed with further stress, that they should depart. Sujit and Ramesh, however managed to get the necessary the contact information, about procuring authorization, which is as follows:

Chief Municipal Engineer (SWM)
48, Market Street (Behind Nizam Hotel / Near Society Theatre)
Kolkata 700087
Time: 10 AM to 3 PM

The return Journey from Dhapa was somewhat uneventful. They used the single mode of transport available i.e. Cycle Van. Only, this time they had the company of a fellow co-passenger--a well-endowed Nanny Goat, who was visibly interested in Ramesh.

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