Thursday, June 21, 2007

I visit the boys' home in Dakhin Durgapur to rejuvenate and revive myself. After visiting it I feel alive;I start living rather than existing. The innocent kids and their pure soul induces me to see the brighter side of life.I go there to give love and in turn receive unconditional love. To be honest I benefit more from the visit than the kids.


Here goes my experience on DD
The science workshop organised for the kids at Dakshin Durgapur was very successful.
The kids were very happy to see the visitors talking to them and spending some good time with them. They really need someone to talk, teach and play with them. It was a learning experience for the kids as well as the volunteers.Thanks to the efforts made by Apurva sen Gupta and Prasanto Maiti of BSS. . The man behind the school - Daadu as they call him looks very young at heart, though he is aged. The school atmosphere was awesome. We had a good lunch and the day was fun filled. At the end of the day I had a sound sleep.
Hope we come out with more number of such workshops in the near future.

Experience of Dakshin Durgapur was realy great. I was really amazed to find out that there are so much talent hidden in our country. Thanks to AID-KOLKATA and all its members that they are working in such an area and with children who possess so much talent. I noticed that these children are eager to learn and our AID-KOLKATA members are equally eager to teach them whatever they ask for. Moreover AID members enjoyed with these children by singing, dancing, playing, chatting, taking photos together etc.
We enjoyed our lunch together which is a very bright moment to remember.
I feel really proud to be a member of AID- KOLKATA, and hope we will be doing these WORKSHOP more and more in the coming days.