Thursday, December 07, 2006

Documentary on Singur issue

There is a very informative documentary on the Singur issue titled 'Abaad Bhumi' which I finally got around to watching in full (it's 59 minutes long), and I regret doing this so late. It examines several aspects of the entire issue -- including the fertility of the land, the reliability of promises made regarding rehabilitation of the peasants, similar issues from the past.

For people who can't download/watch the entire documentary, here are some extracts:
This shows how fertile the land being sold off for industrialisation
at Singur is and effectively counters arguments against its value in
terms of productivity and yield.

This shows how farmers will lose their livelihood and their economic
condition will worsen if the factory replaces the agricultural land
(despite claims denying this).

This shows the story of how the Tata Metaliks factory near Kharagpur
worsened the condition of the peasants previously living/farming there.

This shows how badly-hit end-of-the-line farmers (for whom the land is
their life) will be, and also shows how bigger land-owners who have
other sources of income are ready to sell the land for a good price.

The original documentary from which these have been extracted is also
very much worth watching.

Also, here are some clips of recent events at Singur:

1. Police violence on farmers

2. Ground realities at Singur (CNN-IBN)

3. Picture of compensation given to farmers


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