Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dakshin Durgapur boys get a library of their own

"The road to knowledge begins with the turn of the page."-Anonymous

November 12th saw the inaugration of a small library in the Dakshin
Durgapur Home set up mainly by the collaborative effort of members of
CRY and PRAJAK. AID Kolkata had also been associated with the project, that's Y
Satabdi, Bhavya, Bodhisatta, Sombodhi and Indraneel –AID Kolkata
volunteers were present on this occasion at the home.
The library was dedicated to the fond memory of Subhankar,volunteer of
both Prajak and AID.The aim behind this small library is to inculcate
the habit of reading among the young kids. It consists of books of all
types ranging from stories,general knowledge to academic as well, in
both English and Bengali language.
A small inaugration programme was held which started with some
preliminary speeches by Subhankarda's father,"Dadu" and some other
guests.The kids put up a small programme after that where they sang
and recited poetry and seemed pretty enthusiastic about the
library.Even the volunteers took part in the programme enthused by
their high spirits.
Afterwards a collage made of hand prints of the kids and the
volunteers with their respective names were taken on a piece of cloth
which would be later hung in the library room.Separate identity cards
were issued for each child.The older children of the home were also
given tips by the volunteers on ways of efficiently managing the library.
After the inaugration of the library by "Dadu" a meeting was held
where Prajak members intimated all volunteers present about their
future activities in the year 2007.A common consensus was also reached
that the creation of the library mustn't mean an end to the work we
have begun-we must all ensure that it runs efficiently and that we
should try and increase the number and variety of books that are there.
We do hope that this library proves to be a success story and that the
children realize the importance of books in ones life.The successful
implementation of this project through the combined effort of all the
different organizations have been a huge boost to our confidence.We do
hope and pledge to do more work like this in the future.


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